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Members of the Year
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Member of the Year Awards

Principal, Allied, Young Professional

The Member of the Year Award is intended to recognize service to Houston BOMA, and the leadership and service of members who are active within the association.

Criteria: The recipients will have advanced the mission, goals and purposes of Houston BOMA and will have positively impacted Houston BOMA's programs, activities and/or services.

Criteria for this award include:
  • The individual is a member in good standing.
  • The individual had a significant role in the promotion of the mission of Houston BOMA and the support of its programs.
  • The individual went beyond the requirements of their position within Houston BOMA.
  • Winners from the previous year in any category are ineligible.

The criteria for selection include responsibility, attitude, initiative, and leadership and achievement and should be addressed in relation to these criteria.

Selection: The Houston BOMA Nominating Committee will make the final judgment in the selection of recipient for these awards.  Only one award will be presented per category, per year.

Principal Member of the Year
1990 Robert E. McDonald
1991 Trisha Barrs
1992 Jo Page
1993 Ferrell D. Hays, CPM
1994 Jeffrey S. Levy, RPA
1995 Natalie Woodard, RPA
1996 Mitchell Peairson, RPA
1997 Steven M. Seltzer
1998 Tom Easley, RPA, FMA, SMA
1999 Mithcell F. Peairson, RPA
2000 Jo Page
2001 Ferrell D. Hays, CPM
2002 James A. Froelich
2003 William Carey
2004 Jon Cogdill
2005 Shane Cawood
2006 Patrick Grimes
2007 Jo Ann Hughes, RPA, CPM
2008 Steve Byers
2009 Brett D. Williams, CPM
2010 Kirk O'Neal, CPM
2011 Chad Nusbaum
2012 Guy Dolan
2013 Cindy Magouirk, RPA, CPM
2014 Linda Malone
2015 Ed Bovermann
2016 Cindy Magouirk, RPA, CPM
2017 Cindy Niles


Allied Professional Member of the Year
1990 John S. Rearick, Jr.
1991 Richard Burr, PE
1991 Tim Garcia
1992 Edwin D. McCrory, III
1993 Jackie Lee
1994 Dana Taylor
1995 Kurt Burr
1995 Tom Haller
1996 Alan Van Nort
1997 Kenneth Hengst
1998 Jackie Lee
1999 Tom Haller
2000 Carl Bovermann
2001 Angie Palladini
2002 Amanda Barhorst
2003 Carol Lacy
2004 Paula Licona
2005 Paul Panus
2006 Hugo MonDragon
2007 Bob Thomas, PE, LEED AP
2008 Monica Keels
2009 Hugo MonDragon
2010 Dan Porter
2011 Wade Shelton
2012 Andy Allen
2013 Steve Jackson
2014 Floyd Mahanay
2015 Joseph Slovacek
2016 Peggy Viers
2017 Lacey Withers

Young Professional of the Year
2017 Natali Juarbe

Ambassador of the Year

2017 Peggy Viers

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