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Do you have a question? See if we answer it in our FAQ section below. If you don’t find the answer to your question, contact us, and we will be glad to assist you.
What is Houston BOMA? 
The Houston Building Owners and Managers Association (Houston BOMA) is the premier commercial real estate association for Houston, Texas. Commercial building owners, property managers, engineers and vendors form the nucleus of BOMA members and are privy to networking events, educational seminars and social gatherings. Since 1934, Houston BOMA has dutifully served the industry in many capacities. If you are an industry professional, we highly encourage you to join today.
What are the benefits of BOMA membership? 
Robust educational opportunities, extensive networking and legislative representation are just a few of the membership benefits associated with Houston BOMA. There are other benefits that are unique to each type of Houston BOMA membership–property managers, facility managers, building engineers, students and allied industry members.
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I am thinking about becoming a member. How do I join? 
To join Houston BOMA, visit the “Join BOMA” page and select your category of membership. After reading about the benefits of BOMA membership, complete the application and submit it to the Houston BOMA office.
How do I make the most of my BOMA membership? 
Houston BOMA encourages professionals to do more than just join the association. The true value of membership comes through involvement in Houston BOMA’s various professional development and networking opportunities. Joining committees presents great opportunities for members to take advantage of the real value in BOMA membership.
How do I find BOMA members who are Service Providers? 
To find Houston BOMA members who are service providers, use the Service Providers page. This page makes it simple to search Houston BOMA Allied Members by name, company or industry for BOMA members in Houston.
How can I stay connected with BOMA? 
Houston BOMA communicates with the industry using a number of channels such as a printed newsletter, a weekly e-newsletter, social media and other targeted publications. Be sure to like and follow Houston BOMA on Facebook and Twitter.
What education opportunities exist with Houston BOMA? 
Houston BOMA offers a wide selection of educational programming including seminars, certificate courses, and designation courses to meet the needs of property professionals–increasing the professionalism and value of our members to owners and management. Certificate courses are designed to meet the demands of today’s current markets, while designation courses teach industry standards and best practices providing a mark of distinction and achievement for those who complete the comprehensive curriculum.
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How do I become a sponsor? 
Becoming a sponsor of Houston BOMA is a great way to increase your company’s visibility and demonstrate your commitment to the industry. In addition to Annual sponsorships, allied members can also sponsor BOMA networking and educational events throughout the year.
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Who do I contact for help? 
For general inquiries please submit a question on our contact form here. To speak with a specific member of our team, you can view our staff here.
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How do I become a part of a committee?
Becoming part of a committee is a great way to get involved with Houston BOMA. Committee participation provides numerous opportunities for developing and strengthening career connections and leadership development. To apply, follow the link below.
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What are Houston BOMA’s Advocacy Efforts? 
The Houston Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) is the only association in the greater Houston area that advocates on behalf  of commercial real estate professionals. Houston BOMA members support thousands of area jobs and the millions of people who work in Houston office buildings every day. Our advocacy efforts result in member savings of millions of dollars each year.
We advocate for:

Fair, Transparent, Predictable and Justifiable Fees/Taxes.   Any taxes should be broad-based and carefully tailored to minimize any adverse economic effect. All fees imposed by the City should be fair and directly relate to the cost of the services for which the revenue is being assessed. Property valuations should be equal and uniform across the marketplace.

Land Use, Planning, Building Codes, Transportation, Parking, and Quality of Life Policies that are Balanced, Predictable, Consistent, Transparent, Cost-effective, Fully Vetted, and Respect Property Owner Rights. City land use, building code enforcement, transportation policies and parking regulations should promote economic growth, job creation and broaden the city’s tax base.  Houston BOMA supports logical, reasonable, and fair reforms which give predictability to new development, while allowing for proper assessment of the impacts on local services, infrastructure, and the environment.
Building and Operating a Sustainable Environment. BOMA members support a more sustainable environment by reducing the use of energy, water and other natural resources, using cost-effective means that properly weigh net benefits with the costs to implement.
Emergency Preparedness. BOMA supports actions and practices that promote exemplary public safety, security, emergency preparedness and incident prevention in office buildings.
Streamlined and Cost Effective Government. BOMA supports local initiatives that make our government more accountable, fair, practical, streamlined and cost effective.
How can I set my building apart? 
Property professionals who want to set their building apart should consider applying for the BOMA 360 Performance Program designation. This 360 Performance Program doesn’t just measure one functional area of a property, like sustainability. Instead, this assessment looks at six key areas of building operations and maintenance and compares them to industry best practices. Visit the BOMA International website to learn more about how this program recognizes and markets buildings as meeting or exceeding industry best practices.

In addition to the 360 Performance Program, Houston BOMA holds The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) awards every three years. These awards recognize building and management excellence across multiple property categories. Entrants compete at the Houston local level, and winners advance to compete in regional competition. Regional winners then compete on the national stage at BOMA International’s Annual Conference & Expo. Read more about the TOBY awards here.

Houston’s next TOBY Program will be held in 2021, with applications opening in 2020. However, if any building desires entry into the International TOBY competition prior to 2021, Houston BOMA will make the necessary provisions of entering the building for TOBY consideration. Interested TOBY entrants can fill out an application here, and BOMA staff and local TOBY judges will help guide buildings through the competition. Although there will not be a local awards ceremony held by Houston BOMA during the hiatus, members can still move on to compete in regional and International competition as normal. We will continue to host workshops each year to assist any member interested in entering the TOBY Awards Competition.

For more information, contact Elisa Barnes at
What is the Career Center, and what does it cost to post a job listing? 
The Houston BOMA Career Center is useful resource for job seekers and employers in the commercial real estate industry. Job seekers may upload their resumes and browse job postings in the Career Center for free. Employers may browse resumes of CRE professionals and create job postings starting at just $99 a month for members and $299 a month for non-members. Employers who are looking to hire top talent for their businesses can visit the Houston BOMA Career Center to begin using this valuable industry resource today!
How do I advertise in the Houston BOMA’s newsletter(s) or website? 
Companies interested advertising in Houston BOMA’s quarterly Highlights digital magazine, weekly e-newsletter BOMA Buzz, or on the Houston BOMA website, please contact Shannon Roberts at for options and availability.
How do I register for a luncheon or other Houston BOMA events? 
Event information and registration can be found on the Houston BOMA calendar of events. Browse through the list of upcoming events, and when you find an event you are interested in learning more about, click on it to be taken to a description and registration page. To register online, you will need log in credentials.
If you are a Houston BOMA member, you received log in credentials with your new member email. If it is your first time registering online, you may register as a guest or create a new profile. There is also an option to retrieve your lost your username and/or password on the sign-in page.
Where do I find more information about achieving my BOMI designation? 
For information on designation types and requirements, visit the BOMI International website. To see a list of upcoming courses that are being offered by Houston BOMA, visit our calendar of events and look for listings beginning with the prefix RPA/FMA (property and facility managers) and SMA/SMT (engineers).
How do I purchase a booth at the Houston BOMA Expo? 
The annual BOMA Expo is held every third Thursday in May, and it is Houston BOMA’s most highly anticipated and attended event. Exhibit space is coveted, and space fills up quickly! Early Bird Booth registration for members who exhibited at the most recent Expo opens every year in early January, followed by General Booth registration in mid-January. The Expo is free and open to commercial real estate property management professionals only, and attendee registration opens in April. Register online or learn more here or by contacting Ashleigh Yelovich at
Can I renew my membership online?
Yes. All memberships are up for renewal beginning December 1st and membership renewals are due by January 31st. When your membership is up for renewal, you can access and pay the bill when you log in and click on "Pay Your Bills". Contact Natalia Lara at for further questions.
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